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Oliver Perez filed for free agency yesterday, as did Damion Easley and Matt Wise, according to the Associated Press.

The early buzz from New York is that Perez will initially seek a five-year deal worth more than $10 million per season, while eventually settling on a three– or four-year deal later in the off-season. 

I suspect the Mets will make a reasonable offer, which Perez will not accept, and then the Mets will move on - as they should.

Perez was 10-7 with a 4.22 ERA last season.

He had a great stretch during July and most of August.  Otherwise, he was all over the road, i.e., great start, bad start, good start, bad start, and so on, just as he had been the previous few seasons.

This off-season’s buzzword has to be ‘reliability,’ ‘consistency,’ etc., and Perez is anything but that, which is why I bet the Mets do not work hard to retain him.

As for Easley, he has a fan in Jerry Manuel, and he has a strong presence in the clubhouse, from what I can gather, so I would not be surprised to see him return on a one-year deal.

Easley is a good baseball player, who knows his role.  He struggled to hit from the bench this season, but did do well as a starter.  However, the Mets need to move forward and cut bait with people, to move on from the last two seasons, and if it’s not from the bench and bullpen, where will those cuts be made?

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