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Yesterday, Miguel Olivo charged from the mound towards Jose Reyes, who was standing on third base, which turned in to a ‘bench-clearing brawl.’

…based on post-game quotes from both players, it appears that either reyes wanted the fight to continue, so he could get the crowd on his side, and so he egged olivo on, who, according to both players, are very good friends from their days playing Winter Ball in the Dominican…and it worked…or, if reyes was joking, as he claims he was, olivo didn’t think it was funny and stormed at him while swinging his fists, anyway…either way, it was entertaining

Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez, as quoted in the Bergen Record

“$&#! everybody on the Mets. I'm going to kick their butts.”
Olivo, as quoted by Adam Rubin, at his blog for the Daily News

“[Reyes] started talking…Then, when he went to third base he started talking #@*& at me. I'm a man. I need to be a man and take care of myself. Then, I saw everybody tried to get me. I'm a man, and I'm not scared of anybody. I can take anybody anywhere, I don't care. I saw [DiFelice] and Perez, those are the two piece of #@*& they have on their team. Anytime, anywhere, I don't care.”
…well, i’m glad to know he’s a man…i guess he assumed we all thought the jury was still out on that…why do some men always feel the need to state this, as if it’s some kind of justification to act like an idiot…reyes made similar comments after the game, as well…it always makes me laugh…thanks for the news flash, guys

…anyway, rubin posts several other comments from olivo, such as reyes being ‘lucky’ that olivo missed him with a punch…so, if interested, be sure to check them out…it’s well worth it

today should be very interesting…winning is all that matters, though, hopefully the Mets check their ego at the door and focus on the task at hand…this is not the time for injury or ejections…eye on the prize, guys

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