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The Padres released OF Cliff Floyd yesterday, according to

The 36–year-old Floyd appeared in just 10 games for the Padres in 2009, and hit just .268 in 80 games for the Rays in 2008.

i by no means believe the Mets should bring floyd back… but, i do think there is a need for an Uncle Cliff type as the 25th man on the roster…

…i would say once every few months, i end up listening to the same two friends debate the idea of ‘Character Guys,’ as it pertains to baseball, performance and the clubhouse… one guy seems convinced Character Guys exist and are important, such as an Alex Cora, and the more you have on the roster the better, while the other believes they are not necessary, so long as everyone on the 25–man roster does his job in full…

…to me, reality is in the middle… yes, if everyone on the roster did their job, that would be great, but a team often needs that wise, experienced veteran to help guide people and insure that such a quality performance can happen… for instance, the floyd, cora, Jose Valentin type can relate to their younger, less-experienced teammates in a way that coaches cannot, helping them to maintain their mind and body over the course of a long, draining, 162–game season… these are young men, not robots… i know people enjoy picking through statistics, but sometimes the guy who hits .400 against lefties gets dumped by his girlfriend, feels like crap and strikes out against a left-handed pitcher that night, despite his .400 average… and, the ‘Character Guy,’ or the veteran leader, can help guide people through the awkward experience of growing up in the major leagues, be it with personal adjustments, hitting a curve ball or when and how to take batting practice…

…its seems like everytime floyd leaves a team, be it the Mets, Cubs or Rays, there is some young player who credits him with making a major impact on their experience and success… just recently, i talked with someone in Tampa who told me B.J. Upton desperately missed floyd this season, for this exact reason

…i’m not saying a team needs a bench full of these men… but, i think it’s a smart way to fill the 25th man on the roster… sort of a player-coach, who can hit, but who is better at being a rock for people to lean on

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