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The Mets recently sent out the following e-mail to Season Ticket, Combo and Weekday Plan Holders:

“We have received a number of inquiries regarding the dismantling of Shea following the 2008 season and access to purchase memorabilia from Shea.  We are pleased to advise that the Mets - in partnership with the City of New York which owns and operates Shea Stadium - are offering you the first opportunity to purchase a pair of YOUR seats from Shea Stadium.

“The cost of the pairs of seats is $869 during this limited-time, exclusive offer.

“Proceeds from the Mets' share of net revenues generated through the sale of seat pairs will be donated to the Mets Foundation, which will distribute the funds to various charities.”

i assume the established price is a combination of the numbers 86 and 69, as in 1986 and 1969, the two seasons during which the Mets won a World Series…very clever

…i do not own any sort of season ticket plan, so i do not have an opinion on whether this is a good price, bad price, whether it’s fair, etc., and so i am curious to see what the response is like among people who do and who wanted to own an actual seat as memorabilia

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