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In a must-read article for the Daily News, John Harper wrote about his day in Texas hanging out with Mets RHP Noah Syndergaard.

Harper talked with Noah's past teammates, coaches and scouts about the young pitcher's potential, and said:

  • "He’s got a lot of Matt Harvey in him."
  • "Syndergaard comes off as very level-headed, even humble."
  • "Syndergaard squats 455 pounds and dead-lifts 512."
  • "Scouts say he has a natural feel for pitching."
In a report for ESPN New York, Adam Rubin says Syndergaard will throw no more than 160 innings in 2014, based on how the team has handled innings limits for Harvey and Zack Wheeler.

According to Paul DePodesta, "The Mets will not delay the start to Syndergaard's season in order to ensure he has enough innings in the tank late," explains Rubin. Instead, he adds, the Mets could use Syndergaard in relief to get him more innings in the big leagues, such as the Cardinals did Michael Wacha and their other young pitchers last season.

“I wake up every day with the idea of giving it everything I’ve got,” Syndergaard told Harper. “I want to make it to the big leagues and pitch against the best. Hopefully I can make it to the Hall of Fame someday. Win a couple of Cy Youngs. Win a couple of World Series rings for the Mets.”

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