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Yesterday, the Mets stranded two men in scoring position in the sixth inning; they scored one run in the seventh, but left the bases loaded; they started the eighth inning with two men on, neither of which scored; and, in the ninth, David Wright lined out to end the game with Jose Reyes standing on second.

where is the No Runner Left Behind Act when you need it

like i said yesterday, it just seems like the entire offense is out of sync… what’s worse, most every one seems to be swinging at junk early in the count, especially wright… it’s like, when one guy is hitting, the guy behind him is not… there is no rhythm

The Mets are 25 for 106 when hitting with runners in scoring position this season.  They average roughly 10 men left on base per game.

Jerry Manuel, speaking to reporters about RISP, said yesterday:

“We just haven't clicked yet with runners in scoring position - and we will… I can't say that at this point, this early in the season, that I'm upset with anybody's approach.  I think it's more about anxiety than anything.  It's wanting to get it done.  And that's not a bad thing… Obviously, we are struggling with men on base, with men in scoring position, but I think the good thing is we are at least putting ourselves in those positions.”
it’s a fair point… i mean, he’s right, at least they have guys on base, so it’s hopefully only a matter of time before it clicks…

…the thing is, i would have an easier time buying in to manuel’s logic if we were not having this exact same worry last year… in other words, this issue is not new, and it’s not theoretical… it’s very real…

…to me, it’s a larger issue, in that the Mets seem to have a problem finishing strong – whether it’s an inning with a runner on base, or a specific at bat, or an entire season that boils down to the final day in September… manuel agrees… i know he does, because the whole idea behind his infamous extreme 80–pitch batting drill from the spring was to reinforce the idea of finishing strong, even when exhausted… in the final moments of the drill, Razor Shines would scream, ‘Final at bat now, finish strong, big moment, game-winning hit,’ etc., so obviously the coaching staff found this idea important…

…it’s still important… and i guess that’s the real problem…

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