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...for anyone listening to WFAN's Mike and the Mad Dog program right now, please remember that OF Carlos Beltran has a full no-trade clause...beltran wouldn't sign without one, and it was something the Astros could not guarantee him...and with that, the talk about trading Beltran to the Twins, which is absolute insanity, can come to an end...

…added to by Matthew Cerrone

…plus, if the Twins could not afford to give Torii Hunter a five-year, $80 million contract, how are they going to suddenly afford beltran, who has $74 million due to him over four years…and while the Mets have money, i’m not sure they are rich enough to pay beltran’s way, plus pay santana…

…speaking of Mike and the Maddog’s tired rhetoric, this idea that the Mets must part with Jose Reyes to get santana, as if that is Omar Minaya’s only chance to get the Twins on the phone, just makes no sense, either…again, it’s not about who can pay more than the Mets, it’s about who is willing to pay more than the Mets in talent, and then pay santana a six-year, $150 million deal on top of that…as i have said before, sure, i’m certain the Twins would prefer to accept Felix Pie from the Cubs, or Joba Chamberlain from the Yankees, or Carlos Quentin from the D’Backs, or several other players who are certainly more attractive than the Mets can offer, but if the Cubs and Yankees are unwilling to trade those guys, or the D’Backs can’t afford santana’s contract, then who cares if their players are viewed as more valuable to a few talk show hosts…it doesn’t matter what talk radio thinks…it only matters what the Twins think

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