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In an earlier post, George Willis, of the New York Post, explained how Doc Gooden signed his name on a wall in Citi Field’s Ebbetts Club last week, after which he took pictures with fans leaning up against the autograph.

However, according to Willis, “The Mets, who have been criticized for not showcasing enough of their history in their new ballpark, plan to erase Gooden’s signature from the wall, treating it as if it were unwanted graffiti.”

In the meantime, Peter Botte of the Daily News talked with Gooden, who doesn’t understand why the team is so adamant about removing the signature, saying, “I definitely didn't think it was going to turn out to be this big deal. I didn't do anything intentionally for the Mets to get upset. I was just doing it for the fans. I don't see what the big fuss is.”

In a response on Mets Today, John Fitzgerald writes:

“It should be allowed to become part of the stadium and part of the team’s history.  The minutiae and folklore of this team - like skydivers, black cats and Bill Buckner - are created and shared by players and fans. Ownership can build the ballpark, assemble a roster and sell the tickets, but they can’t control the memories. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are trying to do.”
…i swear, this could only happen to the Mets

…i understand the team not wanting to encourage people to write all over the walls in their new stadium… so, they should take their cue from gooden, and either keep the autograph where it is, or erase it and have him sign a new, designated section in the ballpark, be it by the old apple, the bullpens, the Mo’s Zone, whatever, and begin a tradition of current, former and future players tagging the wall like a fraternity… the Mets should embrace the idea, and go with it… instead, it feels like they’re fighting the fans, and so they come off sounding like a teacher lecturing students about not writing on the desk…

…frankly, this probably would not be an issue if so many fans were not already worked up about a lack of Mets memorabilia and history inside the building to begin with… personally, this is not keeping me up at night, though i do find it peculiar…

Last week, Fred Wilpon announced that the team plans to open a Mets museum beyond center-field, however there is no official timetable for its opening.

…even this, while awesome, and great to hear, was received as being too little, too late, with lots of fans seemingly questioning why something like this was not done in the first place

…and so, i don’t believe today’s dust up is truly about a signature… instead, i think some people are worked up because they feel graffiti-gate is yet another example of the team turning its back on its history, which most fans, myself included, are proud of… this is not to say the team is intentionally doing this, or is even aware if they are, but, believe me, a simple peak in to my e-mail or the comments on this blog and they’d realize it is how lots of fans are feeling…

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