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Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya talked with Mike Francesa for more than an hour on WFAN today.

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By the way, to watch Chris Carlin’s one-on-one interview with Wilpon following today’s press conference, use the video player in the sidebar.

To read of several noteworthy moments and statements from Francesa’s interview with Wilpon and Minaya, click below:

Update, 6:40 pm:

In parting, Minaya wants Mets fans to know he and his staff are working hard, and Ownership is committed to putting the best product possible on the field.

Wilpon said, “I want to thank all of the fans who showed up to support us,” adding:

“I have faith in Omar and Jerry, otherwise they wouldn’t be back, and they have Ownership’s support.”

Update, 6:40 pm:

Wilpon said he doesn’t understand criticism from fans, who, according to Francesa, believe the Mets walk-away from big free agents because of money, when they have one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

Howard said the team is considering a ‘flexible payment plan for season-ticket holders next season.’

Wilpon said the team will not make a big-ticket move just for marketing purposes, or simply in an effort to sell tickets, concluding, “The team will be as aggressive as it has been in the past.”

Update, 6:36 pm:

Howard said the team is considering a ‘flexible payment plan for season-ticket holders next season.’

Update, 6:32 pm:

Wilpon said he demands better from the team, ‘and the fans deserve better,’ he wants Manuel and Minaya to stay, and he wants to see a Championship-caliber team competing right to the end in October.

Wilpon said they have already been talking with doctors and staff to determine why the team suffered so many injuries, and will look at all protocols, from pre-game warm ups to off-season programs to weight-training programs.

Minaya said he has already been talking with his staff and scouting department about an off-season strategy, while pointing out, “We don’t just want to compete, we want to win a Championship.”

Update, 6:18 pm:

Wilpon pointed out that the Mets paid over slot for their first-round pick in the last draft, when asked why the organization is ‘cheap with their minor-league system.’

Minaya said the Mets still have the same financial commitment towards winning that it had when he signed on to be the team’s GM.

Update, 6:15 pm:

Minaya said he doesn’t believe the team needs to be rebuilt.

Wilpon feels the team has ‘two or three holes,’ which they can fill through a combination of free-agent signings and trades.

Minaya said, in talking to other GMs, it has yet to be determined what type of free-agent market it will be, something which typically takes shape in the days following the World Series.

Wilpon says he has heard the market will be ‘soft,’ as there is typically a one-year lag in the market, meaning last season’s buyer’s market could continue.

Update, 6:05 pm:

Minaya said he will look at the trade player, to see how we can change it up,’ in an effort to improve the team, because they cannot just limit themselves to the free-agent market.

Minaya said there are core players that would be very hard for him to trade, and though there are certain guys who are special, as a whole, he must look at all ways to improve the ballclub.

Update, 6:05 pm:

Minaya still believes Oliver Perez can pitch like he did in 2007 and 2008, noting that pitching is ‘hot and cold,’ citing examples like Justin Verlander.

He said he believes ‘Daniel Murphy is getting better,’ and can be an every-day first baseman for the Mets… so long as he has more power at other positions.

Minaya likened Murphy to Boston’s situation with Kevin Youklis from a few seasons ago, saying:

“He was not the big, productive hitter that he is early on, but they surrounded him other guys who had power… So, when you put the team together, there are eight guys, and how are you going to balance that offense.”

Francesa pointed out that Youklis is a Gold-Glove first baseman, then told Wilpon Murphy cannot be an every-day player at first base for a Championship team, especially when consider the type of production the Phillies are getting from the left-side of their infield.

Minaya then informed Francesa that there have been lots of good teams in the game’s history that did not get power from first base, to which Francesa asked for examples of what Murphy does well, and Minaya said:

“What does Murphy do well?  Right now, you’re talking about a young, developing player who is learning at the major leagues and improving at first base… Now, he comes at you everyday and he gives a good effort… He has to improve with the OBP… But, we are talking about a rookie.”

Minaya said the team no longer sees Murphy as an outfielder.

Update, 5:56 pm:

We are in a results town in a results business,” Wilpon said.

Wilpon said he will give Minaya the resources he needs, ‘whatever that is,’ to put a Championship team on the field.

The team has not discussed ‘slicing payroll,’ he explained, adding:

“Whether it ends up being more or less I can’t tell you until Omar makes suggestions… We’re going to be aggressive, we have to be, whether it’s in trades or free agents… For all we know, Omar might save money, Mike.”

Update, 5:53 pm:

Wilpon said he was most frustrated this season with the team’s ability to drive in runs, despite being among the best team’s in batting average and batting average with runners in scoring position.

Minaya believes the players gave the team a good effort, but, ‘We did have a lot of players who were secondary players in their career, and were overexposed,’ and so, ‘When you have that and play them for a long time those weaknesses will show up, and that’s what happened.’

Wilpon said he liked watching Josh Thole and Nelson Figueroa, but, he added, ‘Again, it’s frustrating when you have that many guys out of your lineup for that long, knowing you could have had so-and-so up instead.’

Minaya said, ‘You have to like the way Jeff Francoeur plays the game,’ pointing he finished the season playing with a broken thumb.

Update, 5:48 pm:

Wilpon said, ‘Yankee-economic structure are unto themselves, they have their own structure and we fall much more in line with the rest of the league,’ when asked why his team does not spend money like the Yankees.

Update, 5:46 pm:

When you win you’re a smart baseball man,” Minaya explained, regarding criticism of his public speaking.  “When you lose, you’re not a smart a baseball man.”

Francesa asked Minaya to address accusations that he is only interested in bring Latino ballplayers to the Mets, to which he said:

“Look, when you’re the first Hispanic GM those accusations were going to be made.  It’s part of it.  It’s not true, it’s not fact, it’s not something I think about.  I believe in talent.  I will go after the best talent, no matter who that player is and where he is from.”

Update, 5:44 pm:

Howard said the team will continue to add Mets imagery and history to Citi Field, and they are working to develop a Mets Museum in a prominent location in the ballpark, though he would not specifically say where.

Wilpon said there will also be other ‘naming opportunities,’ in the building, that will link to the team’s history.

come on, do it, The Piazza, for the table-n-chair section below the bridge

Wilpon said, “I don’t think we did anything to slap anyone in the face.  It’s not like we said, ‘Gee, let’s honor the Brooklyn Dodgers and not honor the Mets.’ Those claims are unfair, but we’re gonna make those changes and correct it, because it is a proper criticism.’

Update, 5:40:

Wilpon said Minaya and his staff intend to always build a team around pitching, speed and defense, and so the team built a ballpark with that in mind.

Minaya said he feels it is always easier to win when playing ‘National League baseball,’ and when pitching strong.

In regards to the lack of home runs, Howard said the ballpark is not much different than Shea Stadium, noting that losing Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran will impact any team’s home run total, which likely exposed David Wright, who had little protection in the lineup.

Update, 5:36 pm:

Wilpon said it was Minaya’s recommendation and decision to keep Manuel as the team’s manager.

Minaya said injuries had to be considered, plus, when factoring in Manuel’s entire body of work, including his work last season, when with a healthy a team, he wanted Manuel back as manager.

Update, 5:33 pm:

Wilpon says Minaya is the GM, and his responsibilities have not changed.

Minaya said he plans to continue making changes in the front office.

He said Adam Wogan, who had been the farm director, will take on a more prominent role – the team also plans to hire a Field Coordinator, who will be in uniform, traveling the system, working with minor leaguers and reporting to Wogan.

…hmmm, i wonder if that is what Wally Backman is interviewing for

Minaya also said Assistant GM John Ricco will be more involved in working with the minor-league directors.

Update, 5:28 pm:

“I like to think in our minor-league system we have talent,” Minaya said.

Update, 5:28 pm:

Francesa asked if the Mets will have to pull back financially from their 2009 payroll, to which Wilpon said, ‘NO.’

He said the Bernie Madoff situation had no impact on the Mets.

“What happens this year between free-agents and trades and whatever Omar wants to do to get us back to a Championship-caliber team will be up to Omar,” Wilpon said, acknowledging that his team will continue to have one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

Update, 5:25 pm:

Wilpon says much of the blame for the team’s injuries are a result of relying too heavily on other team’s medical staffs when injuries occurred on the road, and did not fly players back quickly enough to be examined by their own medical team.

Minaya added that the team must create a protocol that will allow them to communicate to media and fans the status of the team’s injuries.

here’s a thought, how about having less injuries…

Update, 5:22 pm:

Minaya and Wilpon, plus Dave Howard, are in the studio.

Again, like he said this morning, Wilpon believes this seasons results are ‘basically unacceptable.’

unacceptable, one of the most misused words in business, as well as sports… if it’s ‘unacceptable,’ how come every one is back and being allowed to return to the project… apparently, it is acceptable…

Update, 5:18 pm:

According to Francesa, Wilpon and Minaya were stuck in traffic, but are now in the building and will remain in studio through the end of the show.

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