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Over at his blog for the Daily News, Adam Rubin reports, in honor of "Fiesta Latina" taking place at Shea Stadium on Friday, the Mets will don jerseys with "Los Mets" across their chest during their game against the Dodgers.

For more on the event, head on over to Rubin's blog.

…added to by Matthew Cerrone

…this bugs me…not for any other reason than the name on the team’s jersey

isn’t The Mets…it’s just Mets…and Los Mets isThe Mets…it just makes no sense…i could honestly care less that the

organization wants to do a special uniform here and there, most likely for

additional sales…at this point, they have so many uniforms i can’t keep track

anyway…and i’m fine with it…again, i’d rather 100 uniforms and a world series

ring then one uniform and last place…my point is that i am far more concerned

with how they play, then i am with what they wear…but don’t mess with the team’s

name…that’s just wrong

...added to by Regis Courtemanche...

...i like the throwback uniforms when they wear them, but to come

up with a new novelty uniform doesn't make sense to me either...what's

next, subway will have the team sport jerseys with pictures of jared on

the back...i'm obviously exaggerating, but on a uniform that the

players have worked so hard to earn, i never like to see the team

reflect any kind of sponsorship on them...

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