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According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Luis Castillo has grounded in to seven double plays in only 25 opportunities, which is the third-worst rate in baseball.

…what’s worse, it feels like so many of castillo’s double plays occur during what could be a big rally…first and second, one out, castillo hits in to a double…over and over again, it seems…

…for what it’s worth, from what i can gather out of people close to the team, Mets GM Omar Minaya wanted to sign David Eckstein, not castillo…

…however, eckstein’s plan was to hold out a) for more money from another team, and b) the opportunity to remain at shortstop…in fact, there are lots of people who believe eckstein had zero intention of playing second base…anywhere…

…meanwhile, castillo had a three-year offer from the Astros, and, for the sake of not waiting around, the Mets gave castillo one more year and ended their search for a second baseman

…and so now the Mets have a 33–year-old second baseman with bad knees, earning $6 million per season for the next four years

For what it’s worth, Eckstein is batting .246 in 30 games for the Blue Jays, while starting at shortstop.

Also, in 34 games for the Braves, Ruben Gotay is batting .258 in just 31 at bats.

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