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Today on WFAN, Mike Francesa said he will give a ‘major, major update on the Mets,’ during tomorrow’s show.

…well, if it was a free-agent signing or trade, why would he wait for tomorrow… i mean, why tip off the rest of the media world, who will almost certainly track down the story before francesa goes on the air tomorrow

that said, i have heard from people close to Jason Bay that he is close to making a decision, and that it could be for a four-year contract, though i have no idea with whom he might sign… but, at this point, in the world of bay, close could mean 100 miles from away, or three months down the road, it seems… and so, i have doubts it a transaction-related item… instead, i’m betting it has something to do with Citi Field, maybe something in management… but, he does have me intrigued, i’ll say that

Updated at 7:56 pm:

actually, who says it has to be about signing a player… maybe it’s about a player, but about ‘not signing a player,’ i.e., we’re moving on from so-and-so… dammit, francesa, now i’m gonna be guessing all night…

…nice work, mike… nice work, indeed…

Updated at 9:52 pm:

...i listened to it again, and mike's statement can also be interpreted to mean he will be speaking to someone in-the-know tonight, and, tomorrow, he'll have a major update on what the Mets are up to... so, it may not mean news, but just what he says, an update...

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