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Currently at, the team is asking fans to vote from 10 choices, including a write-in option, to elect a new eighth-inning sign-a-long song, which could potentially replace Sweet Caroline.

However, is encouraging it’s community to bombard and vote Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up as a write-in candidate.

FARK logs more than 4 million unique visitors each month.

in other words, unless the Mets ignore these vote totals, this will be your eighth-inning sing-a-long, which, as bad as it is, is still far better than Sweet Caroline…so, thanks, FARK…

To vote, go here, and do so by noon on Monday, April 7, when the voting booth closes.

…as i said last week, personally, i think there is way, way too much music played at Shea Stadium as it is…also, the poll question implies that having a sing-a-long is some sort of requirement…last i checked, baseball can actually be played without a singing…in fact, i prefer song-less baseball…

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