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The Mets have until November 15 to exercise a $7.5 million option to retain Moises Alou for next season.

…every indication over the last few weeks has been that the Mets will do so…which i am excited about…i liked watching alou perform…the thing is, it feels like a foregone conclusion that he will miss a ton of games due to injury, and i’m okay with that - as long as the entire outfield doesn’t go down with injuries at the same time, like last year…seriously, with a healthy, fully-functioning Endy Chavez, the Mets can weather the odd day-off for alou…but, like i said towards the end of last season, his teammates can never be in a position where alou is the focal point of the team’s offense - and i’m looking at you Carlos Delgado - because alou is too brittle to lean upon

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