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In a loss to the Brewers last night, Mets RHP Fernando Nieve allowed three runs in three innings, while allowing 11 hits, including a home run, and striking out just one.

“His stuff was not as quality as it has been, and they put some good swings on it,” Jerry Manuel told reporters following last night’s loss.  “Hopefully the next time around he can get it together.  He definitely deserves another shot at it.”

…nieve just didn’t have the same zip on and command of his fastball, and so he was pitching soft, looked to be overthrowing, he was behind in the count a lot and got hit pretty hard and oftenfrankly, he could have easily let up more runs, but Daniel Murphy made a nice pick up on a hot ground ball to first, which he quickly turned for an inning-ending double play

…by the way, last night i asked: “Why does everyone at SNY keep calling him, ‘a journeyman pitcher,’ when he was with the Astros organization for his entire career before coming to the Mets?”

WTF 2103 sent an e-mail pointing out:

“Journeyman does not literally mean: a man who goes on journeys.  A journeyman is an athlete (or worker, but especially athlete) who is reliable but not outstanding.  Hence, Nieve is a journeyman.”

fascinating… i had no idea… i did think it meant to jump from team to team… like he’s on a journey… thanks for the e-mail

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