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This afternoon on WFAN, co-host Evan Roberts said, according to people he has talked to in the organization, the Mets do not have an Old-Timer’s Game, ‘because it’s too much work.’

…jeeez… too much work… really… i guess i understand that… it’s just, as a fan, who is proud of this team’s history, i’d love to see guys like Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Tom Seaver, maybe Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, etc., on field, having fun, and playing again…

…although, since the Championship Banners are tucked away, hidden, facing the chop shops, and since nobody has any idea where the World Series trophies are, i wouldn’t be surprised to see this Old Timer’s Game played in the Wiffle Ball field in center field

Speaking of a World Series Trophy…

The 1986 Mets World Series Owner’s Trophy sold for $32,000 through Robert Edward Auctions.

according to the auction, this is only one of three owner’s trophies made from 1986, and i’m going to assume it’s Nelson Doubleday’s…

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