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Damion Easley had the following to say today to, when asked if Jose Reyes’s celebrations irritate the opposition:

“Jose has to be himself.  If that's what he needs to do to get more out of himself, then he should do it… But there's backlash to that.  He has to understand there's a consequence to it.”
Speaking of Reyes, during today’s broadcast on Comcast SportsNet of the Phillies World Championship parade through Philadelphia, host Michael Barkann asked his co-host, Mitch Williams, “I wonder if Jose Reyes is watching,” continuing, “Do you have anything to say to Reyes.”

Williams responded by saying, “This is what happens when you shut up and play.”

…thanks to Jason Mollica for the quotes

…seriously, as a Mets fan, i don’t know if i am flattered or just disturbed by how obsessed the Phillies are with the Mets, such as this photo, which was sent in from Chris P, taken on the night the Phillies won

i mean, guys, you won…we should be making negative comments like this about you…not the other way around…jeezwhy is that city so desperate for new york’s approval…

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