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Last night, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Luis Castillo did a nice job of chasing down Shane Victorino in a pickle between first and second.

However, on the pass from Reyes to Delgado, before the tag, Victorino intentionally elbowed Reyes, and shoved him out of the way, but it was Reyes who got called for interference and so Victorino was ruled safe at second.

To watch the video of this run down, and Victorino throwing elbows, click here, and go to the 20–second mark.

Jerry Manuel went wild, argued yet another call, his third of the night, and was then tossed from the game.

According to the ump, who talked with reporters after the game, Manuel brushed his hat with the bill of his own cap while screaming at him.

…i know the Mets won the game, and they’re 3–1 against the Phillies this season… but, how long are the Mets going to let victorino make fools of them… he taunts them on the field, he consistently clips infielders when sliding in to second, last year he actually stood flat foot and tall on home plate after scoring a run and did the double point in to their dugout, and then last night he shoves reyes out of the way like George Costanza during a fire… not to mention, Clay Condrey nearly took David Wright’s head off with a fastball behind his batting helmet…

…i realize the Mets are winning, and that if they do not care, why should i… but i do… it’s just so infuriating

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