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Yesterday, while leaving Shea Stadium, I saw a guy wearing a Scott Kazmir Mets jersey.

I stopped him and asked if he spent money on it prior to the trade, or after.  Naturally, he ordered it online after the trade.

What’s interesting, though, is it was sent to him with a space between the Z and M in the last name.

Apparently, he said, the team will not ship out jerseys with No. 19 and the full last name of Kazmir on a Mets jersey.

…from what i can gather, this is their policy for any player who is not on the Mets, and has more to do with the league than the specific team…the thing is, i just can’t see how this is enforced…however, in a case like kazmir, which is so obvious, and such a notorious deal, it makes sense that it would be censored…

…i had never heard of such a scenario, and wonder if any other fans have gone through the same situation

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