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From what I can gather, the final section of Shea Stadium will likely come down towards the end of this week, or the start of next week.

Last week, I wrote, “The Mets should leave that one remaining section of Shea Stadium standing, just the wall, as a piece of art work in the parking lot.  I think that’d be pretty cool.” 

Typically, an equal number of readers e-mailed to say it was a stupid idea as e-mailed to say it was a great idea.  I love when that happens.

Today, Adam, the Brooklyn Met Fan, said he likes the idea as well, writing, “Met fans would make the pilgrimage to our own wailing wall.  A place to pay homage to our old friend and introduce our still unborn children to the place the Mets were (essentially) born.”

I realize there are probably all sorts of safety, logistical and construction reasons why this is not possible at this point in the demolition, not to mention it would be the city’s call, not the team’s, but it does not stop me from wishing it would happen, even though I know it won’t.

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