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Mike Francesa asked on WFAN, ‘Who cares what Matthew Cerrone thinks?”

He then said I look like I am 12 years old, and later asked, “Who reads blogs anyway?”

To get on air and tell him why you read blogs, and engage in new media, call 877-337-6666.

Apparently, he did not like my post from this morning about how I am proud of Mike Pelfrey.

Original Post at 2:46 pm:

Apparently, Mike Francesa just ripped me apart on WFAN, which is hilariously awesome – I think it had something to do with my post about Mike Pelfrey this morning.

It’s funny, I haven’t mentioned him on this blog in quite a while, so I can’t imagine what I did to warrant such a strong reaction.

Sadly, I wasn’t listening, so I didn’t get to hear what he said.

Figures, I listen to him every day for a decade and the one time I tune out, he rips me up.

Did he actually say I look like I’m 12 year old?  Way to keep it classy, Mike… and yet, I’m oddly flattered and appreciative of him mentioning my blog on his show.  Thanks for the plug, buddy.

Anyway, if you heard the show, what exactly did he say?  Or, even better, if you happen to be DVR’ing the broadcast on YES, if there is way to flip me the audio, send it over.

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