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Last night, Jerry Manuel was asked by a reporter about the team’s offense, which Manuel responded to by saying he must find offense some place on the roster.

He was then asked, ‘Where,’ to which he laughed, looked under the table, joked around, and laughed more.

To listen, click play below, though the laughing continued for at least 10 seconds or so after this clips ended, with reporters joining in:

File Attachment: JerryLaughingAtOffense.mp3 (478 KB)

What… are you… laughing at?

Look, I dig Manuel’s personality, the laughing, the charm, the cool glasses, his zen-like philosophies… but, in the moment following a sweep from the Yankees, while sitting on the edge of slipping below .500, during a season that has already tested my patience, the laughing is obnoxious.

I know what he’s trying to do, but, to me, I see a man and a group of reporters laughing at the same thing: the Mets, the team you and I care so much about, and spend so much of our time and money on.

You want a joke?  Here’s a joke: What happened to the fanbase that got jerked around and mocked for 10 years? 

I don’t know either, but I have a feeling we’re gonna find out.

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