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I hate that we have to have this conversation every year, but it is what it is... and I still love baseball.

That said, I never root for the Yankees in October unless they're playing the Phillies. Otherwise, the sooner the Yankees are eliminated, the better. They're success makes me feel worse about the Mets recent failures. I'm not proud of this, it's not the ideal way to live, but it's the truth. Frankly, they can't be eliminated fast enough...

In the end, I'll probably end up pulling for Oakland this October. They're an incredible story and proof of what good scouting and strategic thinking can do in this league, despite having a small budget. Plus, they've been up the mountain, fallen down and climbed it again, and I'd like to see them and their fans rewarded for their persistence.

In the National League, I'm rooting for Carlos Beltran - in spite of him being on the Cardinals. He's still one of my favorite players and he's pushing towards the end of his career. I'd like to see him reach the top, even if it means Yadier Molina (who I despise) getting a third ring.

Here is what other baseball fans told me on Twitter, when asked who they'd be rooting for (since they're favorite team didn't make it):

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