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…from what i can gather, yes, the Mets liked David Eckstein, a lot, but he is seeking a deal that will pay him roughly $3 million more per season than the team actually gave to Luis Castillo…frankly, i don't think eckstein will get that type of contract, especially since the White Sox, one of his rumored suitors, just acquired Orlando Cabrera from the Angels...however, if the Mets believe castillo is healthy, and know for fact that he works well with Jose Reyes, can bat second, and can handle new york, and see him as more affordable right now, then i understand them pouncing on him, even if he is their second choice…

my gut kept telling me that eckstein would be the better option, but only from a minimal, qualitative point of view, and since i fear both of these guys in the last two years of a four-year deal, i’m glad the team chose castillo, since he’ll likely earn less down the road, meaning it’ll be easier to cut or trade him if need be

…also, i can’t help but wonder how the wining-and-dining of eckstein may or may not have impacted the type of deal castillo was willing to accept…i mean, if castillo really wanted to be on the Mets, as he said he did at the end of the season, and then he sensed the team going in a different direction, did that act as urgent-motivation for him to sign with the Mets at a lower price…

…as i have stated over and over again, his knees continue to be my biggest concern…i love his disciplined at-bats, and he’s beyond slick in the field, and he plays hard…but those knees, man…when he slides in to second, he gets up looking like my grandfather…however, as a reader from North Carolina pointed out to me, the Marlins announcers were recently talking about castillo on air, and stated that he has always appeared to be in pain like this, dating as far back as his rookie season, yet he has never missed any significant time…so, basically, his hobbling around is nothing new

Lastly, according to Baseball Reference, at this point in his career, Castillo is playing most similar to Willie Randolph, who hit .305 with seven HR and 25 stolen bases at age 33, which is how old Castillo will be at the start of next season.

thanks to jon b from new york for the link

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