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Last night, David Wright had an RBI single, plus two more strike outs, yet is hitting .282 on the season with a .371 OBP.

Wright also made a ‘fielding error’ in the sixth, on a ball hit hard, that bounced off of his chest and in to the outfield, on which a run scored.

For what it’s worth, Wright struck out in his first two at bats, and was then booed walking to the plate in the fifth inning, after which he delivered the RBI single.

Wright just hasn’t looked right all season, much like the team in general.  In some ways, he is a symbol of a lot of what fans find so frustrating about the Mets, i.e., a Gold Glove, but a costly error; .297 with nobody on base, but .250 with runners in scoring position; an RBI single in the fifth when the team is ahead,  but a ground out to leadoff the ninth when the team is down and in need of a rally.

Here’s the thing, I don’t boo, because it’s just not my style, but I understand why people are booing Wright right now.  I’m not saying it’s the classy thing to do – but, I get it.

Wright is the face of the franchise, and when most every fan is frustrated with the franchise, guess what, it’s face is going to get booed – it’s as simple as that.  Again, it’s not right, but it is what it is.

Personally, in the end, I find I am having a hard time trusting the Mets right now.  It’s difficult to let go and in trust a team that has let me down back-to-back seasons the way they have.  I mean, every time they get going, like Monday, they then stop dead in their tracks, implode and go to sleep, like last night.  

So, while I want to believe, I don’t know what to believe in.

Individually, I like the 25 players on the roster; I like the manager; I feel as a team they are capable of winning the NL East.  It’s just, I have a hard time totally buying in, and so, while I feel good yesterday morning, and seem at peace, I then wig out today, because I feel jerked around again, while fearing any success will just be silenced anyway, whether tomorrow or the last day of the season.

In other words, I need this team to inspire me and earn back my trust, so I can get me back to believing; and until that happens I’m going to feel frustrated; and while I do not boo, others probably will, because it’s the only way we, as a fan base, can truly express our frustration.

I hope the players and manager can understand this, be patient, and work us back in to trusting them.

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