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Terry Collins again parroted Sandy Alderson's 90-win statement this past weekend, saying the team will not attain that goal unless everyone in the lineup contributes, not just the heart of the order.

In case you forgot, the Mets have not finished over .500 since 2008. They haven't moved forward in total wins since 2010. I believe in positive thinking. But, I also know what I see, which is a team without their ace, and without their shortstop and first baseman. They also have a questionable bullpen and a young pivotal catcher who looks totally lost at the plate.

That said, I like the talk of 90 wins. I expect they'll have egg on their face before the end of the season, but that's OK. It's a start. It's a goal.

The Mets expect to enter 2015 with Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard in their rotation, not to mention two of Jon Niese, Bartolo Colon, Dillon Gee and Rafael Montero, which is going to make it very difficult to botch future success. It's ripe for the taking. They're going to be fine. And, setting expectations and working to change the culture now, earlier than later, is smart. But, it needs to be kept in its proper box.

This is not Rex Ryan. This is not a prediction. Collins and Sandy Alderson are not saying the Mets will win 90 games this year, mark it down, make your bets, don't make plans for October. Instead, they're setting a tone, essentially we expect to win. Ninety wins is every team's goal. Despite holes in the roster and failure the last few years, why should the Mets be any different?

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