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I like the Subway Series. I try to deny it, but it is pretty fun.

The games do not mean more than when winning or losing against a team from the NL East. But, it's still a fun time. The media attention, the near sell outs and the general stadium buzz is refreshing in May, when it's easy to say, 'Eh, it's still early,' and, 'There's still so much baseball left to play.' These statements are true. However, even if it's manufactured and mostly for the fans, it's nice to inject a playoff atmosphere here at a time when it wouldn't otherwise exist.

"I don't know if it's New York, but it felt like a college football game out there tonight. Like a big party," Mets OF Chris Young said after Monday's game at Yankee Stadium.

According to, fans bought about 3,500 tickets on the secondary market for Monday and Tuesday compared to 1,200 tickets in the two-day period before the first game there last season (WSJ, May 14). In addition, multiple reports indicate YES ratings were up for both games, which will probably also be the case for SNY's broadcast on Wednesday.

It's easy to talk about how the Subway Series is overrated it is, or how it isn't the same as it used to be. This may be true. But, if you were at Citi Field on Wednesday, often shoulder to shoulder with Yankees fans, shoulder to shoulder with Mets fans, it certainly didn't fell meaningless and insignificant. People were in to it, and so was I.


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