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Cardinals RHP Adam Wainwright pitched seven shutout innings against the Mets on Tuesday.

He dominated. It looked like he was using a laser pointer to slice up the edges of home plate. I don't think any team could have hit him the way he was throwing. Nevertheless, I'm left feeling like the Mets are incapable of hitting any one, which is a feeling I'm way too used to at this point.

Thankfully, I'm not alone.

I listened to Dodgers, Cardinals, Mariners and Angels fans complain all morning on MLB Network Radio about their team's lack of offense - and I'm pretty sure most Mets fans would switch place with those lineups any day of the week.

“Sometimes you see this early in the year,” Cardinals 2B Mark Ellis said Monday about his team's offense (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Apr. 22). “A lot of times when one or two guys are struggling, the whole lineup is struggling. There are too many good hitters in this room for it to keep going, for us not to hit.”

The Cardinals were shutout Monday by Jenrry Mejia.

“We’re going through an extended period of time without a lot of offense," St. Louis manager Mike Methany said after the game. “We’re not looking to make moves to make moves. We’re just not clicking offensively. It will happen. I imagine it will happen more often than it won’t.”

This sounds familiar.

The Mets are not the Cardinals, in terms of potential at the plate. But, the Mets are better than what they've shown in April. Thankfully, the pitching has been very good and they're 10-10 at a time when I expected worse. They'll hit eventually, I hope. In the meantime, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in worrying about a lack of run production.

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