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It's been a difficult week. I actually needed to take yesterday afternoon off, away from the blog, after being verbally attacked and emotionally ripped apart on Twitter and this site's comment section the previous 24 hours. I'm not complaining, it's part of leading this website and I'm mostly used to it. However, there are times it can be too much to deal with. At the same time, I totally understand the frustration, because I'm frustrated too.

It's been really, really difficult to be a fan of this team the last five years or so. Choosing to write about it every day, minute by minute, repeatedly trying to rationalize it, over and over, with no escape, can be draining and demoralizing. So, in an effort to pick myself up, mostly because I genuinely enjoy watching baseball and don't want to totally ruin that experience this summer, I'm searching for reasons to be optimistic...

For instance, in the National League, the Mets have the second-best winning percentage on the road this season at 11-11.

They're fourth in runs scored, fourth in batting average, sixth in OPS and third in OBP when playing away from Citi Field. In contrast, when at home, they're fourth-to-last in runs scored and dead last in batting average, OBP and OPS.

In other words, they're far more likely to hit, score and win on the road; far less likely to hit, score and win at home.

That said, the Mets play their next 11 (and 25 of their next 33) games on the road...

The other silver lining is that the National League is fairly aimless right now, with teams jockeying up and down the Wild Card and division standings. It's been pretty interesting to watch. The fact is, despite a sea of negativity drowning some fans and media, the Mets are just four games out of first place, as well as four games back of the final Wild Card slot...

I'm not totally confident they can make up the difference, and keep pace, given their offense at home. However, if by some small miracle they can -- and also make a summer trade with a young catcher and one (or two) pitching prospects to acquire a proven bat, in the wake of promoting Noah Syndergaard and with a rebuilt bullpen -- it may mean a more entertaining summer than I expected from these guys earlier in the week. So, "Let's Go Mets," and "Ya Gotta Believe," right?

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