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In case you missed it, over the weekend, the Mets announced a variety of additions to Citi Field for 2010, including naming the bridge in center field, and installing a team museum and Hall of Fame, located adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and accessible from both inside and outside the ballpark.

Actually, I was slow to criticize the lack of Mets stuff in Citi Field when the season started, though it bugged me more and more as the year went on… and, I am not that fired up by the changes today, though I am sure I will find them more interesting when I get to a game in 2010.

Don’t get me wrong, I like these additions.  In 20 years, though, I bet nobody will remember how or when certain adjustments were made, they’re just going to know they exist… and that’s fine by me.

In the end, its the product on the field that will make Citi Field seem like home, it’s about the memories that have yet to be created, and not the color of the paint or the name of the bridge.

Also, things like aesthetics take on more meaning when the team is losing.  For instance, while both would be nice, I bet most Mets fans would exchange a Tom Seaver Statue for a 2010 Championship Trophy any day… and so, the point is, while i’m glad the team is doing right by the fans, today, if it really wants to do right by the fans, they should get back to winning.

That said, if I could make one change to Citi Field, not involving the talent on the field, it would be to change the color of the outfield wall and Bridge from Soot to Blue, such as the following picture, sent to me by Dan Asnis:

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