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Last night, a group of 30 die-hard Mets fans gathered outside the SNY studios, on air during the network’s Mets Hot Stove show, in what they described as the Million Manny March, while chanting, “Manny, Manny,” with some carrying signs, wearing customized Ramirez jerseys and dread-locked wigs.

To see photos from the rally, check out Priced Out of Citi Field, and this link, and to read quotes from the participants, check out the Daily News – and to read why the event may have hurt Ramirez’s chances, read Brooklyn Met Fan.

Meanwhile, in a report for El Nueva Dia, Carlos Delgado said he, too, would welcome Ramirez, adding, however, that baseball is a business and that all teams must work within a budget.

He’s not alone.  Through a collection of conversations yesterday, I got the feeling Omar Minaya and both Wilpons are actually enticed by the idea of Ramirez batting clean-up for the Mets, just like most fans.  However, also like a lot of fans, they are not interested in paying $20 million per season to get him, because it would come at the expense of the starting rotation – also, they have no interest in signing Ramirez beyond one season.

At this point, if it’s not going to happen, the Mets may want to consider coming out and just saying, “No, we are not going to bid on Ramirez,’ much like the Yankees did yesterday, because time and silence only fuel speculation, conspiracy theories and resentment towards ownership’s decisions – regardless of how wise they may or may not be.

Otherwise, people will continue to create crazy scenarios and think there is a chance – and rightfully so.

Frankly, I think most fans will accept whatever their reason – be it financial, personal, etc.  Sure, there may be some backlash for a few days – but, after that, most every one will turn their attention to the rotation, which is the same as last season; the starting lineup, which is the same as last season; and, to more important subjects, such as the start of spring training, hating the Phillies and getting ready for the season.

OK, enough already, let’s get to it…

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However, let’s assume the Mets have just $20 million or so to spend on payroll for 2009, and still need a starting pitcher…

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