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The Mets (20-25) are now a season-worst five games under .500. They are 5-14 in May. The way I see it, to be in the hunt for a final playoff spot, they'll need to go 67-50.

I have no idea how they intend to make this happen. I just don't see it coming from this current roster of players, which appears to be in a constant state of transition. There are nights I feel like we're still in Spring Training, watching players audition and working to find themselves. It's the middle of May. That should have happened by now.

In fact, this type of in-flux baseball is the one goal Sandy Alderson said he was quite clear about avoiding this past winter. In November, he told reporters he did not want to get in to May still trying to establish his roster. He hoped to play most of the season with a clear picture of his team. Unfortunately, that is almost the exact opposite of what he is working with today, one week from June.

The multiple, rotating platoons... The in-and-out, undefined bullpen... The starting, back-up catchers... The in-development rotation... The mixed messages from management... They're are all very uninspiring. I love the Mets, I'm very tuned in, I write about this team every day, yet I often have to look up the 25-man roster to remind myself who is actually on the roster.

"The outcome isn’t that cute anymore," Jason Fry wrote today, in a post trying to assign blame for the team's most recent failure (Faith and Fear in Flushing, May 22).

He's right. I've watched and written about this story each of the last five years. I'll always be a believer in the improbable, especially when it comes to the Mets. I have no panic about 2015, because I have unlimited trust in Matt Harvey. But, as far as 2014 is concerned, .500 is becoming more improbable every day, and I'm desperate to know how the organization plans to get this season back on track to a point that is fun again.

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