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I am shocked that people actually believe the Mets may entertain trading Jose Reyes or David Wright, two of the best young players in baseball, who are under contract at an affordable rate for the next few seasons.

That is hilarious.  Of course, Omar Minaya didn’t help out reality when he suggested all options are on the table yesterday, as he should say, but which allows cover for this silly debate to continue.

Look, the Mets were never trading Reyes to the Twins for Johan Santana, following a poor 2007 season, so why would they trade him now, following what may be the best season of his career?

The current debate about whether to trade Wright and Reyes, which is occurring today on message boards, other blogs and talk radio, is nothing more than a fun, time-killing discussion point for what is going to be a very quiet, uneventful October for New York baseball, and I understand that – just like I understood it last October, when we were forced to listen to countless conversations about trading Reyes and shifting Wright to first to accommodate Alex Rodriguez, which, too, was never going to happen.

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