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Well, the last two days have been quite entertaining. It didn't even feel like baseball, or at least the type of baseball I've grown used to watching in Citi Field, in the National League East and from the Mets offense. It was like some sort of prize fight, slugfest, duking it out on a pinball machine...

The Mets left Colorado having scored the sixth-most runs in the NL. They dropped to ninth in the NL after facing the Marlins, after which most fans and media panicked, called for firing coaches and switching batting orders, while questioning all sorts of decisions. Today, after just 48 hours in Yankee Stadium, the Mets have the fourth-most runs in the National League. Yup, it was an entertaining two days...

The Mets hit two home runs Tuesday, and totaled six during the two games at Yankee Stadium this week, accounting for 27 percent of their total home runs this season. They scored 19 runs in the seven games prior to stepping on field at Yankee Stadium. They scored 21 runs in two games in the Bronx.

“I don’t know what to say, except we won,” manager Terry Collins said late Tuesday. “That’s all I can tell you. We’ll take it, try to get some sleep and get ready for Wednesday night.”

I'm not crazy enough to think the Mets will keep up this pace in Citi Field. I've watched enough baseball in that park to know, no matter who is pitching and where the walls are, the ball just doesn't carry the same in Queens as it does in the Bronx. But, I do know the role of confidence in hitting. I know good swings can be contagious. I know the Mets had been making contact, even when they weren't scoring runs. Hopefully, those trends can continue, despite returning home.

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