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With 'buzz' leaking out on Friday that Willie Randolph may be fired as early as Saturday if the Mets had lost their game to the Rangers, "Willie Watch" was in full effect, but now the story has turned into an embarrassing situation for the Mets.

Following yesterday's doubleheader, Omar Minaya told reporters Randolph is the team's manager 'today,' and that Randolph's future with the club will continue to be evaluated.

Why do the Mets always seem to handle these situations poorly? They always seem to do things in an awkward manner that makes the franchise look foolish and inept.

It's time for Omar Minaya and company to stop the nonsense, step up and make a decision on Randolph's future.

This team needs to move forward, either with or without Randolph. However, by allowing their manager to ‘swing in the wind’ on a day-to-day basis, it is impeding their ability to move forward.

Instead of concentrating on improving this team, Minaya is having to answers questions on a daily basis about his manager's future, which is also putting Randolph and his players in a unfair and awkward position.

Minaya’s indecisiveness is playing into the media's hand and opening himself up to criticism from all corners of the baseball world.

The team has already handled the Ryan Church situation and subsequent roster moves in an embarrassing manner and now, by allowing ‘Willie Watch’ to enter into its fourth week, the Mets are looking foolish in a season in which they cannot afford to.

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