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Curtis Granderson struck out three times Monday night. He is hitless in his last 19 at-bats and now batting .121 for the season.

He's been brutal, there is no way around it. He has shown zero power and is costing the team on all sides of the ball, including their wallet.

“I just need to get results,” Granderson told reporters this past weekend. “I’ve just got to go ahead and put the bat on the ball, put it in play, and hopefully some good things will happen.”

He's right. Putting the ball in play would be a good start. So far, he has a .163 batting average on balls in play, all while swinging at more pitches than he usually does, but making significantly less contact. Pitchers are barely throwing him strikes, yet he just keeps swinging.

He's getting crushed with boos at Citi Field, where fans have been quick to label him "the next Jason Bay," which is exactly what Mets ownership was afraid of. Bay's contract made people leery of the long-term, free-agent contract for guys entering the back-nine of their career. They signed Granderson, though. I assume he isn't helping to ease those fears.

The Mets didn't overpay when giving him four years and $60 million. It was fair, given the market, their needs, his ability and paying around $7 million for a win. Money is one thing, production is something else. Right now, the Mets need his production. It's that simple.

Granderson is a smart guy with a lot of confidence. He played for the Yankees. He knows how this city operates. He knows what fans and media are capable of. He's played in a pitcher's park before in Detroit. He is equipped with tools to deal with these early struggles.

In 2011, the best year of his career to date, he also had a stretch of 20 games when he hit just .100. It happens. It's not his first. Hopefully, it will be his last.

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