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In his latest post to, Buster Olney takes a closer look at the dwindling market for free-agent OF Manny Ramirez.

According to Olney, the Angels, Mets and Yankees have all said they are out of the bidding on Ramirez, who is unlikely to draw interest from the Phillies, Blue Jays, Cubs, Tigers, Cardinals, Braves and others.

Olney adds that some GMs are concerned that if Ramirez signs a short-term deal that he believes is worth less than he thinks he deserves, he could end up being ‘unhappy,’ and, ‘As the Red Sox can attest, that didn't work out so well in the end.’

Omar Minaya has been unable to convince ownership to sign Ramirez, Dan Graziano recently wrote in the Star-Ledger, and so he will not be on the Mets, according to people familiar with the team’s thinking.

…i actually believe ramirez will end up returning to the Dodgers, because, as i have said before, he needs Hollywood as much as Hollywood needs him…however, while i agree with graziano, if this continues to drag out, and there is a chance of ramirez signing a one-year deal, the Mets have to get involved…they have to

Last week, in a poll on, only nine percent of more than 7,500 voters said they did not want Ramirez on the Mets, while 49 percent would go so far as to guarantee him a two-year deal and 29 percent would give him a three-year deal.

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