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Mets VP of Amateur Scouting and Player Development Paul dePodesta on first-round pick Dominic Smith.

Opening Remarks

We're thrilled that we were able to get Dominic tonight. He was a guy that we had followed his last summer. But even before that, our area scout had known Dominic since he was about 12 yrs old, so he was a guy we were really focused on throughout the year. We were really hopeful that he was going to get to us. We think we have a very, very good player - an all around player.

Think he has a chance to be a plus hitter, with plus power, plus defense at first base. Just as important as all of that, this guy's a really special person. As most of you know, who have been around for the last few years, that means a lot to us. And we think Dominic's right up there with those guys, and just a really, really good person. He will be a great rep of the Mets.


Smith turns 18 on June 15. How much did the fact that he is young for his draft class affect the Mets' thinking?

Not too much. He's still 17 years old. He turns 18 in the next week or two. So he's certainly a young senior. I think it played into it some. Even if he were a normally aged HS senior we wouldn't have felt any differently about the ability. It's maybe a nice bonus that he's younger, has more room to grow. But he's already very mature emotionally. Already very advanced from a skill perspective, so the age was just an added bonus.

Is he a 1B Only?Played RF in some of the showcase events... we think he's a special defender at first base. It'll always be an option .. if it needs to be. He has a chance to impact the game defensively at firstbase. We think that's one of his pluses.

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