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In a Q&A with MetsBro, Paul Lo Duca talks about the 2006 Mets and says:

"The 2006 team was just so close on and off the field…we had such great chemistry and great talent and those two together are tough to beat. We had a perfect balance of speed and power and we played the right way. Still burns to this day that we didn’t win it all."

In 2006, Lo Duca hit .318 with a .355 OBPand 39 doubles, while batting mostly second for the Mets. However, he struggled in 2007, hitting just .272, while missing time with injuries. The team chose not to re-sign him that winter.

He had his flaws, and it ended when it needed to end, but I still look back in a good way on Lo Duca's time behind the plate for the Mets. I always appreciated his hustle and passion and how hard he played and lived and died with each loss. I don't think that style has anything to do with individual success in baseball, but (as a fan) it's fun to watch (assuming the team is winning). Damnit, that team. Ugh. It's still so frustrating. And, it speaks volumes about how difficult and fleeting the chance to win can be in sports. I mean, think about it, had Carlos Beltran drove in that run, and had the Mets gone on to win that series, I think they would have steamrolled the Tigers. How would today be different for this organization and for us had they won that World Series?

To read MetsBro's full Q&A with Lo Duca, during which he talks about growing up a Mets fan, playing in Queens, playing in Mike Piazza's shadow, and whether he'd like to be a big-league coach one day, click here.

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