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In case you missed it, last Friday on WFAN, Mike Francesa took a few seconds on air to mock my post on MetsBlog about being proud of Mike Pelfrey… he also mocked blogging, in general.

basically, he and the show’s producers must have been goofing on what i wrote during their break, and the conversation spilled over on air, during which he more or less said i was not allowed to be proud of pelfrey, either because i am not his dad or coach, or because pelfrey and i are roughly the same age… there were a lot of people on Twitter who came to my defense, and to the defense of other proud fans… and a caller or two got through to express the same

As such, @oggman from created the following photo:

that is too funny… too funny… thanks, @oggman…

by the way, isn’t pride is an essential part of being a fan… i mean, isn’t that what buying jerseys is about… so, yeah, i am proud of pelfrey… i am proud of his ability to grab hold of his career, i’m proud of the results he is delivering, and i’m proud to say he’s on the Mets…

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