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Mike Piazza's relationship with the Mets has 'cooled,' and his book, Long Shot, may have hurt his chances to be inducted in to the team's Hall of Fame, David Lennon recently reported in Newsday.

However, Piazza talked to Lennon yesterday about his current relationship with the Mets and said:

"I wouldn't say we're growing apart - that's too strong. It's not terrible. It's not bad. It's just kind of in a little bit of a lull, I guess. I think when you move on, and just start a new life, a new somewhere, it's tough to stay connected and they've gone through some changes as well. I would say that I've turned a page in my life personally. I think if there is a future for me there, I truly believe things will work out. I'm always optimistic."

In the book, Piazza criticizes Jeff Wilpon for urging the catcher to play with an injury in a spring training game because it was a sellout; Piazza also criticized Jay Horwitz for not doing a better job of shielding the team's players.

Piazza also did not attend SNY's unveiling of the team's 50 greatest players last year and, according to Lennon, "team officials buzzed about that dis for months."

I still think this isn't an issue until it's actually an issue. I mean, he hasn't been denied being in the team's Hall of Fame yet. The two sides haven't even talked about it, or what it would mean. There is no possible way Piazza isn't eventually in the team's Hall of Fame and Museum. That just seems crazy to me. And, while I put nothing past anyone, I know the Mets value Piazza's legacy and know how much he means to the fans, and I believe that will trump any contention that may or may not exist between him and the organization.

To read Lennon's recent report and to hear more from Piazza, who is coaching with Team Italy in the WBC, click here.

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