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Here are results from Tuesday's poll asking if the Mets are headed in the right or wrong direction as an overall organization...


This is a huge spike up from the previous week. Why? I noticed that in politices, with the US Right Track Wrong Track Poll, which is where I got this idea from in the first place, they only list these two options. I had also been including 'Unsure,' as an option, but that is sort of pointless (as readers have pointed out to me before). So, this past week, I went with just the two choices and it indicates a greater confidence in the overall direction than I anticipated...

Remember, the goal is here to judge people's feelings on the whole show and where it's headed. It's not a referendum on any one decision. It's about 'overall direction,' the farm system, current players, future payroll, the front office, where things are headed and whether they're getting better or worse.

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