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In a poll on last Friday, 66% of voters said the Mets should sign R.A. Dickey to a contract extension, which is up from 37% last month.

Obviously, this is a by-product of seeing him win the Cy Young Award. And, I understand, because I feel the same way. I talked about it that night on the MetsBlog Podcast with Vinny Cartiglia, and it was a recurring theme with other fans that night as well. His success swayed me. Sure, maybe I'm just starved for good news, maybe I just miss seeing this team be successful on field, so I'm lunging toward good news off field. But, can you blame me? It's been a really, really long five years. And, though I know it might be the right baseball move to trade him, I really don't want to say goodbye to one of the few people on this team that makes the game fun.

Similarly, MLB Trade Rumors recently polled its audience (which is a more broad selection of baseball fans) and 38% of voters said they expect the Mets to trade Dickey, but sign David Wright to a contract extension, this winter. 26% expect the Mets to sign new deals with both players, while just 14% expect both players to be traded.

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