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In a poll on yesterday, 68% of 5,550 voters said they expect the Mets to trade R.A. Dickey (and not sign him to an extension) this winter.

Earlier this week, 55% of voters said they would prefer to see Dickey traded, while 37% said they would sign him to a three-year extension, with just 9% saying the team should do nothing, start next year with him, but consider trading him next summer.

I just had a long talk with Ted Berg about this, and we'd be both be willing to bet the Mets determine it makes most sense to trade Dickey even if he is willing to accept only a two-year extension beyond 2013. Why? Because, at the peak of his value, and with one year and $5 million on his deal, the Mets can surely acquire a young bat for him (plus other prospects) who will be significantly better than any internal options or affordable free agents available, especially compared to what it will take to replace Dickey in the rotation. It's a big bet, and very difficult to stomach, but it's the right way forward given the team's needs and assets.

So, who can the Mets trade with? The buzz in baseball indicates that American League teams, ready to win and playing in a pitcher's park are most likely to have interest in Dickey. To me, that sounds a lot like the A's. However, there is an argument to made that he fits in nicely with the Angels, despite the ballpark.

Frankly, swapping Dickey for Angels OF Peter Bourjos seems to make sense, though the Mets would need to get a bit more back in that deal. Bourjos is young, under contract, athletic and plays a terrific center field. However, he lacks the power I think Sandy Alderson will likely to try to get knowing he could always go with Kirk Nieuwenhuis in center field. But, there seems to be a deal there worth exploring...

I know A's GM Billy Beane is a total wildcard, which is why I try not to understand his motives. But, I wonder if Beane will consider trading Yoenis Cespedes or Brandon Moss, knowing he could sell high (on guys who had breakout seasons) and still move Dickey next summer?

Also interesting,'s Jon Heyman said earlier that teams are asking San Francisco about Brandon Belt, who has played games in left field during his career. It'd be a shame to move him off first base, because he's such a good defender. But, his bat and age profile like someone who would pique Alderson's interest...

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