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Last week, I ran two polls, each asking voters to state whether they approve or disapprove of the jobs being done by Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins in their respective positions on the Mets.

The following chart show how these results track over the last few years...

Based on results from the 7,000 voters to each poll, it looks like Alderson has maintained a fairly high level of support, which I'd say is consistent with what I hear from fans at the ballpark and on talk radio and read from those via e-mail and social media. The major roster issues seem to be based more on spending strategy than execution, and it seems all rage about budget is directed toward the owners, regardless of how much say Alderson may or may not have in how that many is spent.

That said, he seems to get a lot of credit for totally turning around the farm system and getting the team in position to be able to legitimately compete with home grown players. At the same time, if he fails to acquire a big bat or significantly improve this team (if even only on paper) before the start of next year, I guarantee his support will take a major hit.

On the other hand, it looks like the tide has really started to turn against Terry Collins. He stayed at or above a 50 percent approval for a long while, but has since taken a beating. Again, this is very consistent with what I see and hear when talking with other Mets fans.

I'm usually fairly benign when it comes to baseball managers, and even I wrote last week that I'm starting to question how this team is being managed, especially as it pertains to soon having better players. Again, I'm not necessarily saying Terry should be fired; I'm just saying, based on what I've seen from Collins lately, and even though I know he's under contract for another year, I think serious consideration should be paid to whether or not he's the right man for the job going forward. And, clearly I'm not alone...

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