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In an article for the Journal News, Sam Borden speculates what might have been if the Mets had replaced Willie Randolph with Joe Torre when he departed the Yankees' organization.

Borden writes:

"Clubhouses are Torre's domain. His style with players has, more often than not, resulted in overachievement and his smoothness with the media succeeds in keeping distractions away. The question, of course, is whether things would be different under Torre."
...i am not one to dwell on 'what ifs', and have grown weary over all the buzz around willie's job security...that being said, willie did learn much from joe, so having the teacher in our dugout as compared to the apprentice certainly makes some sense if this had been an option last fall...

...overall i feel that torre is a good manager who was blessed with talented yankees teams, similar to the chicago bulls squads whom phil jackson led to several nba championships...


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