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The Mets lost to the Nationals by the score of 4-3 in Washington D.C. tonight.

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The Least You Should Know:

Mike Pelfrey was handed a 3-0 lead, he retired the first seven batters he faced, but had to wiggle out of minor trouble in the third inning.  Pelfrey ran into real trouble in the fifth inning when he allowed a two run home run to Ian Desmond and then Ryan Zimmerman singled in Willie Harris and Elijah Dukes to tie the game for the Nationals.

The Mets had a chance in the eighth inning when they loaded the bases with nobody out, but Brian Schneider popped up for the first out, and then Jeremy Reed lined into an inning ending double play.

Of course the Mets paid for their inefficiencies at the plate in the bottom of the eighth, thanks to a comedy of errors by their middle infielders, starting with a poor flip by Anderson Hernandez to Luis Castillo on a routine double play ground ball, and ending with an air-mailed throw by Castillo to first base that scored Justin Maxwell for the go-ahead run.

Elijah Dukes made a spectacular catch to end the game for the Nationals on a missile hit by David Wright with Angel Pagan on with two outs.

Other Observations and Notes:

The Mets find very creative ways to lose games, but it always seems to come down to a lack of fundamentals...tonight being a prime example of that.

The Mets once again had a ton of base runners, but managed to end their own threats with poor situational hitting and bad luck.

I thought Anderson Hernandez was supposed to be a defensive oriented player - but the error on the routine double play in the eighth inning makes me wonder about his usefulness.

This was definitely one of Pelfrey's better performances this year despite not earning the victory - he had good action on his sinker when he was pitching out of the windup, and outside of a rough fifth inning, mainly scattered hits before coming out of the game.

I am waiting for Pedro Feliciano to make a pitch, and have his arm fall off - this guy pitches every day and he has been splendid all year.

Up Next:

The Mets will end the road portion of their schedule tomorrow afternoon at 4:35 pm with the conclusion of their series against the Nationals, with Tim Redding facing John Lannan.

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