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Omar Minaya just talked with reporters from the dugout.

to give a sense, he sits in the dugout on the bench, surrounded by 20 reporters and a camera from SNY…in this case, a reporter sat to his left and to his right, as well…it’s an old bit to them, but for me it was interesting to see

obviously, there were a lot of questions about who is hurt, when will they be ready, and so on

According to Minaya, Moises Alou will have surgery and should be on a bike roughly one week later, “hopefully.”  He is expected to be back in four to six weeks, as had been reporters yesterday.

Minaya said, although he has already identified a few teams who have a surplus of outfielders, if he were to make a trade it would be for a player who is not an every-day guy like Alou – but who is better than a guy like Angel Pagan – and that it would likely be towards the end of the spring, not now.

Of course, it was pointed out to him that Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are still on the market, to which he smiled and said, “Well, we are happy with the guys we have.”

In terms of people like Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo, i.e., guys in camp who had off-season surgery, the team prefers not to rush them.  The goal, as he pointed out, is for every player to be ready for opening day.

Lastly, when pressed on the issue, he said he would only begin to get worried about the team’s injuries if this is all still going on during the last week of camp.

he can say that all he wants, but i sense from his body language and reptitive rhetoric that he knows the difficult situation this team could be in when the bell rings on opening day…and beyond

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