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Here is a quick Q&A with Mets OF Curtis Granderson, courtesy of Ephraim Fischbein of the Vues Online...

What is your nickname: "The big one that my teammates call me is “Grandy." That's a baseball thing, I think, because you know everyone's last name. I think Granderson's too long to say. Others call me “Grandyman."

What is your favorite thing to do on an off day: "I enjoy the food in every city, I look forward to KC for the ribs, Seattle for the fish and chips. Chicago for the pizza and Baltimore for the crab cakes. I like getting the food that a city is known for. I love to eat."

What is your typical routine before a game: "I try to wake up around 10 am and get breakfast. After I get back I watch some TV, check e-mail, and take a nap. I usually head to the field around 3 pm."

Who were your idols growing up: "For baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jackie Robinson. For basketball, Michael Jordan. For football, Jerry Rice and Thurman Thomas."

What will you do after baseball: "I have been involved in the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) since 2006 and taken part in negotiations of the latest labor contract, so I see myself in that area of the game. In addition I may also do something in education or in the broadcasting field."

To learn about Granderson's favorite stadium, favorite city to visit, his favorite teams growing up, influences and other things, check out Ephraim’s full Q&A here.

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