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I have been listening to 1050 ESPN Radio, and they make an interesting point regarding today’s game and David Wright.

The hosts believe Wright should have charged the mound, when the pitcher from the Cardinals nearly hit his helmet with a fastball up and inside.

Instead, Wright did nothing.

I’d like to think I would charged the mound, but I can’t blame Wright for playing it cool.

That said, why didn’t he charge the mound? 

It’s been a long and frustrating season, and Wright, who is more or less the team’s captain, is the ‘Last Man Standing,’ so to speak.

It seems like it would have been the ideal time to just take charge and let loose – at the same time, it may not be his temperament, and, if he gets ejected, then what?  Or, will his teammates view Wright as being weak?  Less of a leader?  This is supposedly what happened to Mike Piazza, within the same clubhouse several years ago, as it related to Roger Clemens. 

I don’t think there is a definitive answer, but it’s interesting to think about.

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